ESTD 1999

Welcome to my site. This text at the top of the page doesn't say anything useful, I have put it here only because the page looks empty otherwise. You can therefore stop reading this now and move on down the page.

19th March 2019

It's been too long since I wrote about something I made. This time it's an electronic load, which will undoubtedly evoke very little excitement, even for those people who know what one is.

5th March 2018

We had some snow. I took some photos of it, with cats on top.

15th September 2017

After a long period without doing much audio-related, I built some coaxial speakers with a DSP-powered active crossover.

12th March 2017

Let there be light... and supercapacitors.

12th June 2016

Another Raspberry Pi-based project, a weather station.

6th March 2016

Continuing with the overkill materials theme, here's a phone pouch made of Kevlar.

12th October 2015

More carbon fibre... and sandwiches.

16th April 2015

Carbon fibre is the 21st century's must-have material; everything made of it is instantly 10x more hip. Therefore I like to use it everywhere, even when there is no good reason to, like for a new case for my PC.

6th July 2014

I finally got around to putting a copyright notice at the bottom of the site. Also, pretty picture.

4th May 2014

And now for something completely different: A bicycle.

30th September 2013

Put up a page about my latest project: WiFi Lighting.

5th September 2012

Released a little tool for calculating file hashes.

24th April 2012

Here are some photos of a red fox.

5th April 2012

I obtained my own domain name recently, and switched this site to it (, which is where you should be right now).

2nd March 2012

See my new server and its accessory of dubious utility.

30th March 2011

I don't normally like to put political stuff up here, but the upcoming referendum on AV is important. If you vote yes, and we get reform, then we will finally have a chance to break free of the 2½ party system that we are currently stuck with. It will make it possible to vote for who we really want, instead of being forced to vote for who we dislike the least.

12th June 2010

Moved all my music music off this site and onto Jamendo. There are a couple of new tracks in there. Also, they all have names now instead of numbers.

4th February 2010

Here's some more music (76 and 78). They are from last year, but I forgot to post them then.

10th June 2009

I have posted a couple of interesting photos of a huge slug that was lurking in our garden.

26th March 2009

After a four-year delay, I have finally managed to complete my combination subwoofer/bed.

4th February 2009

Given the recent rare occurrence of thick snow, I took some photos.

12th January 2009

Gaze in awe upon my old block plane.

10th January 2009

Added a few more photos.

31st December 2008

Yes, you guessed it - quite a bit of new music has been added.

17th November 2008

Uploaded more music again.

19th April 2008

Uploaded more music.

3rd July 2007

Added the ability to change between multiple styles for this site, with just a couple of simple styles added for now. They are accessible via the menu on the right, or via the "view" menu on some browsers. You need to have JavaScript enabled for the menu on the right to work, and cookies must be enabled for the setting to be remembered.

There unfortunately seems to be a bug in FireFox 2.0 whereby selecting a style with image-replaced letters (as used for the menu headings) causes them to be stretched down the screen. Refreshing the page fixes it.

18th June 2007

Finished my USB Blinkenlights and put up a page describing them.