ESTD 1999

4th July 2016 - Updated the Sentinel mutator to 1.1, fixing a few bugs and making the less used weapons a bit better.

19th August 2009 - Updated Sentinel Gear, to 1.0final. There are no notable changes since the last beta, the change to "final" is just to reflect that I consider it finished now.

25th July 2009 - The Sentinel is now finished! There are just a couple of minor changes since the last beta; hopefully there are no major problems left in there now.

28th December 2008 - Updated TickyTicker to 1.1 (I know 1.0 never appeared here!).

10th December 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta11. Please note that this version has broken compatibility with the Sentinel Pyrotechnics mutator, which I will update soon to fix that.

4th November 2008 - Released Sentinel Pyrotechnics, and updated the Sentinel mutator to beta 10.

2nd October 2008 - Updated Sentinel Gear, to 1.0beta3.

1st October 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta9.

2nd September 2008 - Accidentally introduced a bug in the Sentinel mutator in beta7, so I updated it to 1.0beta8.

1st September 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta7, and Sentinel Gear to 1.0beta2

16th August 2008 - Released Sentinel Gear, a pack of mutators containing a few extra upgrades, weapons and stuff for Sentinels.

13th August 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta6.

13th June 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta5.

2nd June 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta4. It has custom models now, courtesy of Warby.

18th May 2008 - Accidentally added a bug to Sentinal 1.0 beta3 that broke the Disturber. I have uploaded a fixed version.

17th May 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta3.

5th May 2008 - Released a new mutator: WarFair.

19th April 2008 - Wrote some music in an Unreal style, for use by mappers.

16th April 2008 - Released a new mutator: Colourful Language.

27th February 2008 - Cooked PS3 versions of both Gibalicious and FreeFOV. Since I have no PS3 to test on, you can consider these unsupported.

26th February 2008 - Updated FreeFOV to 1.1.

22nd February 2008 - Updated Sentinel to 1.0beta2.

22nd February 2008 - Updated Gibalicious to 1.2 with a few bugfixes.

16th February 2008 - Another mutator from UT2 updated to UT3, the "Sentinel" automatic cannon. This is only a beta version for now, so don't expect it to be perfect.

7th January 2008 - To start the new year, here is an updated Gibalicious mutator.

24th December 2007 - Something a little different this time, the FreeFOV mutator.

17th December 2007 - UT3 is out now. To start things off for this new game, I have recreated the Gibalicious mutator. Enjoy your gore, you sick freaks.

I won't be doing any more work for UT2004, sorry if you were really waiting for something to be finished.